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...For several years now, some of our Canine Ambassadors have been doing double duty by working with children at The Thousand Palms Library. Four times a year a group of our canines and their handlers take their places on the floor and are all ears while students eagerly attempt to improve their reading skills.
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One of our newest Canine Ambassadors "Barclay" sits patiently as one of the children read to him.
...Numerous studies have shown that placing a dog with a student in a one-on-one relationship and allowing the child to read aloud without any classroom peer pressure produces outstanding results.

... Judging from the pictures below children, parents, the librarian Sharon Ballard, and of course our Canine Ambassadors seem to agree that the program is working!
...If you think your dog would be suitable for this heartwarming program, please contact us!

"Gus" lived to be almost 15 years old and was one of our best Canine Ambassadors.  There wasn't anything "Gus" wouldn't do for a dog treat!  He is very much missed on our program!
"Tar" is one of newest Canine Ambassadors and he got into the swing of things letting the children read to him! 
And even "Scruffy" got into the act and played goodwill Ambassador and attempted to sit still long enough to have a story read to him!
"Foxy" was lulled to sleep by this young boy!
This young boy had a captured audience with "Foxy", "Gus" and "Scruffy" paying rapt attention!
Both "Annie" and "Barclay" had children reading to them!

April 14th and 16th found some of our volunteers at the Della Lindley Elementary School in Thousand Palms, CA working with grades 1 and 2. All the volunteers, both human and canine had a good time helping the kids out!
Drew and "Scruffy" tried to assist with Spanish, but the grade 1 students were better readers than Drew!

Cathy and "Tiffany" are always big hits with the children. "Tiffany" is probably the most calm therapy dog to work with the kids.

Ann and "Andy" are always a huge help with reading week. "Andy" lives by one motto, 'show me the dog treats, and I'm your guy!'
Ann and "Sammi" volunteered both days and "Sammi" likes to work solo without the assistance of any other dogs!
Richard and a sleeping "Lucky" were getting a lesson from a grade 1 student in Spanish! How embarrassing!
For more information on the "Paws to Read" Literacy Program, or if you think your dog would be suitable for this heartwarming program, please contact us!
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