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Our mission is to enrich the lives of seniors and children that need a little one-on-one attention that only a "four-legged" healer can provide. Right now we visit all of the facilities, from Palm Springs to Indio, that cater to the needs of the elderly, sick or infirmed. We also visit children who need the special attention of a pet therapist.

In addition to visitations, our goal is to educate the children in our area on the importance of humane treatment of companion animals, the importance of obedience training, and the importance of giving back to others by sharing our pets with those in need. (Volunteerism)

It is always been a goal of "Paws & Hearts" to assist in placing shelter animals in loving homes. Two reasons: One, we are helping to get a dog or cat out of a shelter and into a hopefully positive home environment, and two, there is always the chance that a future Canine or Kitty Ambassador is in the making.

"Paws & Hearts" founders Richard, Lucky and Scruffy Waxman.  Richard and the 45 volunteers and their Canine Ambassadors make weekly visits to local hospitals, long-term care facilities, Alzheimer and cancer centers.

After reading an article on “Paws & Hearts in The Desert Sun from June 28, 2013, US Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz sent this lovely letter.

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"Scruffy" has a very young sister, "Maddie" and she has started accompanying "Scruffy" on his visits to Eisenhower Medical Center.  "Maddie" must have a big helping of "Lucky" in her because without any training she has taken to these therapy visits like she was born to do this type of work, and maybe she was!

Local documentary film-maker Joel Hochberg was kind enough to spend a couple of months behind the scenes, filming visits, attending the annual dog walk and fundraiser, interviewing the Executive Director to produce a documentary on the organization.  It is a fascinating look at the work the organization is doing and its goals for the future.  Thank you Joel for donating your time and talent to this project!

To view the documentary click on the link below;

Ultimately our vision for the future is to increase the number of visits to each facility (to a minimum of twice a week), to visit smaller board and care facilities, and to visit homebound residents in the area to provide only the therapy and love that a companion animal can provide.

"Paws & Hearts" is here to enrich the lives of seniors & children in Palm Springs & Cocahella Valley hospitals, nursing homes, centers & Alzheimer's facilities that need the attention that "four-legged" healers can provide.

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